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To mock Jesus, what coloured robe did the soldiers put on him?
Scarlet or purple.

Matthew 27:28
Youth Magazine
Exclusive Interview: A Peek at the Beak
Youth Magazine
September 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 8
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Exclusive Interview: A Peek at the Beak
Michael Hale  

Big Beak, the internationally famous (by his own estimation) entertainer who appeared in last year's Festival film, also plays an important (again, by his own estimation) part in the 1981 Festival show to be screened at sites around the world. Youth 81 staff member Michael Hale cornered Big Beak during production of the show to ask him a few pertinent (and not-so-pertinent) questions. First Question: Y81: Mr. Beak, can you give us any sneak previews of this year's Festival show, featuring you and the Young Ambassadors? I mean, can you tell us what it's going to be about?

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1981Vol. I No. 8