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With whom were the Israelites not to intermarry?
The pagan.

Deuteronomy 7:3-4
Youth Magazine
What's It Like to Be a Teen in West Germany?
Youth Magazine
December 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 10
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What's It Like to Be a Teen in West Germany?
Norbert Link & Markus Klett  

Visiting some of the beautiful, picturesque settings in West Germany (the Bundesrepublik Deutschland), you could easily forget that it is a highly industrialized country with more than 61 million people, 23 million cars and 21 million television sets - all in an area smaller than the state of Nevada! In other sections of the country, however, the huge, bustling factories make it quite apparent why West Germany is a leading industrial nation. Because of its technological progress and its democratic government, in many ways the life of the German young people in God's Church is not so different from their counterparts in the United States and in England and other European countries.

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Youth MagazineDecember 1981Vol. I No. 10