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Name the woman in the Bible who entered a beauty contest?

Esther 2:8-9
Youth Magazine
What's in a Name?
Youth Magazine
December 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 10
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What's in a Name?
Karen Meeker  

What is it that distinguishes you from everybody else? Is it your blond hair, cute dimples or your height? No, there are many other blonds, quite a number with dimples and thousands who are 6 feet tall. Maybe it's your talents and abilities? Your great personality and sparkling wit? Once again, you're not alone in any of these. Your main distinguishing possession has been with you from birth and will be with you until you die. It may be remembered even after that. It's your name. Your name gives you identity - it's legal proof that you actually exist. And it tells a lot about you. It's hard to imagine a group of people with out names, isn't it?

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Youth MagazineDecember 1981Vol. I No. 10