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Acts 8:18
Youth Magazine
They Shall Say Peace...
Youth Magazine
January 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 1
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They Shall Say Peace...
Becky Lerette  

The United Nations, with its International Court of Justice, General Assembly and Security Council, is called on when world disagreements need to be settled. But does the United Nations solve these problems and is it able to bring peace to the world? I had the opportunity to answer these questions and many more, firsthand, when my school was selected to attend the nationals of the Model United Nations Conference at the United Nations complex in New York City. The Model United Nations is an organization that gives students the opportunity to discover what really happens in the United Nations. It allows the participants to gain insight into how each country in the world actually stands on different world issues.

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1982Vol. II No. 1