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In connection with which incident does the Bible speak of "gopher wood?"
Building the ark.

Genesis 6:14
Youth Magazine
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Youth Magazine
January 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 1
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Darris L McNeely  

Suddenly, without warning, the heat gauge on our bus registered "HOT." It was near the end of two long days of exhausting travel. We were with in 100 miles of home returning from the SEP camp in Orr, Minn., and the campers were anxious to get home. After barely getting the bus onto the shoulder of the busy interstate highway, we discovered a radiator hose had worked loose and our engine was pumped dry of water. It was over heated and would not start. Suspecting the engine block was cracked because of heat strain, we knew we wouldn't be driving this bus for quite a while. Our most immediate problem was getting the 23 teens reunited with their parents. After making a few telephone calls from the nearest gas station, it was a matter of waiting for a caravan of parents to find us and take everyone home.

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1982Vol. II No. 1