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Why did Uzzah touch the ark on its journey to Jerusalem?
To keep it from falling off the cart.

II Samuel 6:6
Youth Magazine
By the Way... Put Your Headphones On
Youth Magazine
April 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 4
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By the Way... Put Your Headphones On

My teenage son tells me that when he wants to really listen to a favorite record or tape, he puts on his headphones. Other sounds are blocked out. The sound is like being in the middle of the recording studio. You can catch all the nuances without turning the volume to an ear-damaging level to cover outside noises. It's total listening, he tells me. We probably listen more than we do any other human activity except breathe. Listening is important to success in many aspects of life - socially, educationally and in family relationships too. How would you describe your listening ability? Would you rate it as total listening, tuning in and out or completely turned off? And most important, how would your friends and parents describe your listening ability? Do you listen to others as you like to be listened to?

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Youth MagazineApril 1982Vol. II No. 4