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Who am I: I'm really into bushcraft and the outdoor life. I love beans! Red is my colour key. I lost my inheritance through a bad business deal.

Genesis 25:27-34
Youth Magazine
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Youth Magazine
May 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 5
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News & Reviews
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Having Fun Without Spending a Lot of Money - Sleep Are You Yawning for It? - Making Sure the Shoe Fits - Gifts for Mom and Dad - What Do You Know About Drugs?: Ouch! Paying the admission price for many types of entertainment can be so painful that you spend the rest of the time in agony instead of enjoying yourself. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are dozens of ways to have fun inexpensively, and you'll probably find some of them can be lots more fun than some of the expensive ways.

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Youth MagazineMay 1982Vol. II No. 5