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Who am I: I was a child prodigy, and at the age of 12 I became king over Judah. One of the twelve tribes of Israel has the same name as mine. I was a bad guy and delved in witch-craft and the occult Hezekiah was my father.

II Kings 21
Youth Magazine
Tongue-Tied in Mexico
Youth Magazine
August 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 7
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Tongue-Tied in Mexico
Lowell Wagner Jr  

Tomas knew not one word of English. If I wanted to talk to him, I'd have to do it all in Spanish! I had not done anything like this before. I was scared - I shouldn't have come to Mexico! We looked at each other and laughed nervously. We looked at the extremely interesting walls for a while. We looked at each other and laughed again. He was waiting for me to break the silence and I knew it. But I had to be careful. A massacre of the Spanish language would not be good. I remembered a story about a U.S. official who was transferred to Peru. He was giving his first speech in Spanish before some Peruvian leaders. He wanted to tell them that he was embarrassed about his poor command of Spanish. He told them instead that he was pregnant.

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Youth MagazineAugust 1982Vol. II No. 7