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What did the lost son in the parable do with all the money his father gave him?
He squandered it.

Luke 15:13
Youth Magazine
Mom, Why Are You Crying?
Youth Magazine
August 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 7
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Mom, Why Are You Crying?
Yoland Chango  

On one sunny, spring day as all of us girl and boy scouts were returning from a field trip to some of the ancient sites in Lebanon, our buses were stopped. A soldier climbed each bus to tell the drivers to take a different route around the city of Beirut. "But why, what's happening?" asked one of the bus drivers . "No time to explain . Just take the children home and fast," demanded the soldier. After a long tour around the city, we finally arrived home. My mother greeted us as if she had not been expecting us to get home safely. My brother and I told our parents about the trip, the huge stones we saw and the dark, cold caves we visited. Then they told us the bad news - this had been the last trip we would be able to take for a long time.

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Youth MagazineAugust 1982Vol. II No. 7