By the Way... What Do You Mean
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By the Way... What Do You Mean "Be Responsible"?

What's your response when someone tells you to "be responsible"? Chances are you have mixed feelings about it - most teenagers and even some adults do. Some people eagerly accept responsibility and even search it out. Others avoid it like acne or bad breath. Some responsibilities are easier to take than others, for example, staying out later at night, a weekend trip with friends, use of the family car or having your own car. Other responsibilities taste more like milk that has gone sour, such as helping to pay some of the family's monthly bills, helping a younger brother or sister through school or upkeep of the house and yard. What is responsibility? Is it something inherited from your parents? Responsibility is defined differently by different people. Maybe a working definition would be that responsibility is an ability to respond maturely.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1982Vol. II No. 8