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Who caught and turned 300 foxes into torches?

Judges 15:4-5
Quick! What's 7 X 9?
Youth Magazine
September 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 8
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Quick! What's 7 X 9?
Clayton D Steep  

The answer could mean money in your pocket! What's seven times nine? Be honest now. Did you know the answer straight off? Or did you have to stop and try to figure it out? How about 32 times 11, or 6,354 times 81? If you wanted the answer to problems such as these, would your automatic reaction be to reach for your little battery-operated pocket calculator? If so, you may be cheated some day! Let me show you what I mean. Several days ago I purchased some pipe at a hardware store. When I got home I discovered I paid more than I should have. So, back to the store I went. I showed the girl who had rung up my bill that the price on the pipe was less than the price I was charged. She agreed and began to fill out a form so I could get a refund.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1982Vol. II No. 8