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How was David related to King Saul?
He was Saul's son-in-law.

I Samuel 18:23-27
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Youth Magazine
December 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 10
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News That Affects You
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Santa's $14 Billion Gift List - What If Your City Had 30 Million People? - On the OTHER Hand... - COUNTRY IN FOCUS: Mexico: News Story 1: Santa Claus must have a huge budget. Last Christmas he brought $14 billion worth of gifts to the United States alone. "No other event inspires as much irrational spending year in and year out," wrote Margaret Yao of The Wall Street Journal about Christmas buying sprees. (Apparently she doesn't believe in Santa Claus') How much money is $14 billion? With that much money you could buy each man, woman and child in the United States a portable stereo cassette tape player. Then with the money left over you could buy them each a few blank tapes.

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Youth MagazineDecember 1982Vol. II No. 10