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Who am I: I am a Jew and I like big pussy cats. When it comes to food, I am a rather fussy eater. I am also known as Belteshazzar.

Daniel 1:3-8; 6:16-22
Youth Magazine
Coming Soon: Too Good to Be True?
Youth Magazine
January 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 1
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Coming Soon: Too Good to Be True?

After today's troubled and evil world - the wonderful world tomorrow. Here's just a glimpse into a soon-coming day and what it will be like! Some time back, the musical play Oklahoma was presented at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, Calif. Of course I had seen it before, years ago, and also had seen the motion picture of the same name. Many, many times have I heard the musical numbers from the play. Here I am [editor's note: this section was written some time ago] on the Ivory Coast in Africa virtually on the equator - but as I looked out the window of the hotel at breakfast and beheld a beautiful day dawning, the song of that play kept haunting my mind:

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1983Vol. III No. 1