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How to Take Prize-Winning Photos
Youth Magazine
March-April 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 3
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How to Take Prize-Winning Photos
Nathan Faulkner  

So you want to enter a photo contest... Where do you start? What should you take pictures of? Will you have a chance to win? Yes, you will have a chance to win - if you know what the judges are looking for and follow the rules. Probably the first thing judges look for is originality. Put yourself in the place of a photo-contest judge. In front of you there are many, many photographs of, let's say, cats. There are pictures of all kinds of cats - fat cats, skinny cats, fluffy cats, white cats, black cats and maybe even tiger cats. Everybody sent in a picture of his or her cat. But to you, the judge, all these cats look the same. To you, each one has no special meaning because you don't know the story behind each picture. You don't know that this fluffy cat just caught a mouse or that this other cat had just been staring into a fishbowl.

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Youth MagazineMarch-April 1983Vol. III No. 3