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Who is the Lord of the Sabbath?
Jesus Christ

Mark 2:28
Dear Youth 83
Youth Magazine
June 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 5
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Dear Youth 83
Youth Magazine Staff  

Question 1: I am 15 years old and like this boy who is 22 and wants to date me. My mom says that I cannot date this boy because he is too old for me. What difference does it make how old he is as long as I am old enough and we like each other? Question 2: I have lots of friends and enjoy being with them. When I'm around them, I feel natural and not nervous or scared. My problem is that when I'm introduced to new people, especially adults in a crowd, I get uptight and appear withdrawn and cold. Question 3: One of my friends in school started smoking a while back and now is trying to get me to start also. I keep telling her that I don't want to, but she keeps nagging and saying it's fun and that I'm just scared of my parents. How can I make her stop pushing me?

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Youth MagazineJune 1983Vol. III No. 5