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How to Stop Worrying About the
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How to Stop Worrying About the "End of the World"
Clayton D Steep  

Why does the world have to be in such a mess now in your lifetime? Is it fair? What would you really like to do after you finish high school and move on into your 20s? Continue your education? Obtain a meaningful job that pays well? Travel to exotic places? Be happily married and start a family of your own? Buy a home in a nice neighborhood? Enjoy a rising standard of living? When your parents were teenagers, these were plans and desires many young people had, and many were able to achieve some of them. But things are different now. An education no longer guarantees a job with a future. In fact, any kind of good job is hard to find. Travel is expensive, and all the tourist places have come to look pretty much alike.

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Youth MagazineJune 1983Vol. III No. 5