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Who am I: I went to Egypt to obtain food for my family. On the way home a silver cup was found in my sack.

Genesis 44:12
An American in Britain
Youth Magazine
July 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 6
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An American in Britain
Rachel Brown  

Traveling to a different country can be quite a valuable experience. Moving there can be even more interesting - especially when the move takes you 8,000 miles (about 13,000 kilometers) away! Every country offers something new and exciting - something different from the area where you were brought up, some variation in culture or food. I know, because I am an American living in Britain. I moved to Britain seven years ago, when I was 9, from Pasadena, Calif. The two countries are quite different and I'd like to share some of the cultural variations that have impressed me with other Youth 83 readers in the United States. Australia, Canada, Africa, West Germany and other places around the world.

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Youth MagazineJuly 1983Vol. III No. 6