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Anger - Fight and Beat It
Youth Magazine
July 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 6
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Anger - Fight and Beat It
Mike Bennett  

When you're near the boiling point emotionally, how can you control your anger? Here's how to beat anger and improve your relationships. "All right - that's the last straw!" It's easy to lose your cool when someone is deliberately egging you on or when someone treats you completely unfairly. Even worse, what about when someone close to you finds a vulnerable spot and then cuts you down with a cruel remark? Your deep inner hurt can lead to anger: "Who does he think he is? He can't treat me like that!" When you reach the boiling point, what can you do'? Should you let your anger fester until you hate the other person? Or should you be like the person who says, "I don't get mad - I get even"?

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Youth MagazineJuly 1983Vol. III No. 6