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Come On, Try It! It Won't Hurt You
Youth Magazine
July 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 6
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Come On, Try It! It Won't Hurt You
Victor Root  

Are you being tricked? Let's look at two opposite responses to this deceptive sales pitch. It's the world's oldest sales pitch. Although it's ancient, you've probably heard it recently, because this sales pitch is still as effective as ever in making people change their minds and do things they'd really rather not do. Maybe you heard it when someone at school was offering you a cigarette or when someone was passing marijuana around during a party: "Come on, try one. It won't hurt you!" Some hear it snuggled in the back seat of a car: "Come on, let's make each other happy... Who's it going to hurt?"

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Youth MagazineJuly 1983Vol. III No. 6