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Which poetical book in the Bible has sayings of Solomon, Agur and Lemuel?
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By the Way... "A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies"

Talk is cheap, or so the saying goes. But the words we speak could cost us a bundle - in friendships, trust and respect. Everybody likes to talk. It's one of the most important ways we have of communicating with our friends. OUR vocal chords are fine tuned like musical instruments. But some misuse their mouths. They don't seem to know when to put on the brakes, and their mouths run on and on like a scratched record or a dripping faucet. At times they even use words as weapons to hurt people. Nobody likes to be in the company of a know-it-all, a swivel lips, a tattletale, a gossip, a smart mouth or a garbage mouth. If at times you are having trouble keeping or making new friends, maybe it's time to have an "open-mouth" checkup. See if you fit in to any of these six categories.

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Youth MagazineAugust 1983Vol. III No. 7