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Many of the Kings of Ireland, Scotland and England have been coronated over a stone which rests in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. What is the name of this stone?
Jacob's pillar stone or the Stone of Scone, or the Stone of Destiny.

Genesis 28:18
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Youth Magazine
December 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 10
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Fingers, Forks or Chopsticks? by Ann Hays - Ophidiophobia* Bites the Dust *Fear of Snakes by Ralph G. Orr - Proverbs for Today: Good Timing Helps by Jim Roberts - Will You Wind Up Where You Want to Be? by Tom Delamater: Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France ate with their fingers? But what's more astounding is that their parents didn't even mind. You see, 300 years ago most Western Europeans ate with their fingers. Today, throughout Europe, Australia and North and South America, forks have, in large part, replaced fingers as eating utensils. In Eastern Asia, using chopsticks is the preferred eating method. But it is still customary to eat with your fingers in much of Africa. the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Forks and chopsticks became popular because they made it easier to handle hot food. Before that, people generally scooped up hot meals on flat bread.

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Youth MagazineDecember 1983Vol. III No. 10