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Birds and fish.

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By the Way... Don't Be a Teenager in Jail
Youth Magazine
January 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 1
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By the Way... Don't Be a Teenager in Jail

Everyday more than 4,000 young people (18 and under) are arrested in the United States alone. For those convicted and sentenced to jail, life behind bars is anything but pleasant. Starting on page 11, several such young people share their thoughts on what it's like to spend time in a correctional facility. Please be sure to read it - and as you do, remember that, as bad as it is, there is a place that is much worse. That place is a maximum security prison, where society's most violent criminals are held. An inmate at one of these prisons wrote to us. I was moved by what he had to say, because I realized that he was actually writing to you, the Youth 84 reader. That's why I felt it important to share his letter with you. Here it is.

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1984Vol. IV No. 1