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Good News Beyond 1984!
Youth Magazine
January 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 1
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Good News Beyond 1984!
Michael A Snyder  

George Orwell's book, 1984, reveals a nightmarish vision of the future. But what tomorrow will really bring is good news beyond man's wildest dreams! It was but four years after World War II. A war-weary world seemed determined to prevent all future conflicts. A period of hope prevailed. But that year a disturbing book appeared. Written under the pen name George Orwell, the book called 1984 painted a grim picture of the future. It dared, in fiction, to predict that the world would be enslaved in barbaric totalitarianism in less than 35 years. The year 1984 has arrived. How far have we gone? Let's take a brief look at the book.

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1984Vol. IV No. 1