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What special thing did David want to do for God?
Build God a house.

II Samuel 7
News & Reviews
Youth Magazine
February 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 2
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News & Reviews
Youth Magazine Staff  

Skiing in Your Own Backyard by Nathan Fautkner - Smile When You Say That by Kerri Miles - Proverbs for Today: Take That Pat on the Back by Jim Roberts - Take the Friendship Quiz by Ron Grove - Listening Around the World by Philip P. Stevens: Pole, kick, glide. Pole, kick, glide. Pole, kick, glide for mile after beautiful mile, sliding through the snow, Have you ever wondered what cross-country skiing is like? It's said to be one of the most serene sports around. Lofty mountain peaks soar skyward, stately trees rise around you as you glide silently by. You can feel the calmness as you skim through God's creation. It's hard to find solitude like that anywhere else.

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Youth MagazineFebruary 1984Vol. IV No. 2