News That Affects You
Youth Magazine
February 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 2
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News That Affects You
Youth Magazine Staff  

Cheap Energy From S. America's 62-Story Dam by Lowell Wagner Jr. - What's Behind a Smile? by Will Flaman - Yugoslavia Prepares for Olympics by Lowell Wagner Jr. - World's Biggest TV Station by Colleen Gus - Orbiting Eyes in the Sky by Victor Kubik: It's the sheer size of Itaipu Dam, more than anything else, that is so astounding to visitors. There is enough concrete in this dam on the border between Brazil and Paraguay to rebuild the entire city of Boston. The main part of the dam is 62 stories high, taller than any other building in South America. Its lake would cover more than half of Luxembourg. Once it is working at full capacity, the power generated in just one hour by Itaipu could keep a 60-watt light bulb burning for 24,000 years.

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Youth MagazineFebruary 1984Vol. IV No. 2