A Golden Dream
Youth Magazine
March 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 3
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A Golden Dream
Raul H Reyes  

The Olympic dreams of the past inspire today's athletes - and everyone else who dares to dream. Like Harrison Dillard's story: He had hurdled every obstacle to make it to the Olympics. Now all the years of training and dreaming came down to these few seconds... It was July 3, 1948. The place was the 1948 Olympics in London. The classic 100-meter event was about to begin. In the first three lanes were the favorites. In lane one was Mel Patton of the United States, the world's fastest human. Lane two featured Barney Ewell, also of the United States, one of the few men ever to beat Patton. Lloyd La Beach of Panama, who once shared the world record with Patton, was in lane three. In lanes four and five were two world-class runners from England.

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Youth MagazineMarch 1984Vol. IV No. 3