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When the ten lepers were healed, how many came back to give thanks?

Luke 17:11
Dear Youth 84
Youth Magazine
April 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 4
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Dear Youth 84
Youth Magazine Staff  

Question: Is kissing wrong for teenagers? Answer: We'll go way out on a limb on this one. Our mailboxes may be jammed to over flowing, since many of you are going to disagree. But Youth 84 will not dodge issues. Here is the plain truth on this subject. Kissing was designed by God to be a manner in which a husband and wife express their feelings, emotion and love for one another. It is part of the sexual stimulus and response mechanism that belongs in the wholesomeness of sex within marriage. By no means does kissing have to always lead to sexual activity, but it is a manner of expressing love and feeling. If it weren't that way, it wouldn't be fun. Kissing one you love is fun and exciting. It's designed by God that way. But romantic kissing is not for teens.

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Youth MagazineApril 1984Vol. IV No. 4