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Reader By-Line: Too Much to Do?
Youth Magazine
May 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 5
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Reader By-Line: Too Much to Do?
Edith Herrmann  

I was upset. There I was lying on my bed, fighting tears and mad at myself. Why? Because I was helplessly lying there instead of working to solve my problems. Then it occurred to me how incredibly ironic the whole situation was. You see, my problem was that I had only one week to write a speech for a special combined Girls' Club and Boys' Club meeting, and everything I had written so far I hated. Because I had been tired, and knew that I was going to remain so for the coming busy weeks till graduation. I chose stress as my subject. And ironically, there I was, letting stress get the best of me. I already knew The American Heritage Dictionary defined stress as a "mentally or emotionally disquieting influence" and being "subject to pressure or strain."

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Youth MagazineMay 1984Vol. IV No. 5