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In what direction from Jerusalem did the tribes of Israel finally settle?
The north-west.

Isaiah 49:12
I Like Her, But She Thinks I'm a Nerd!
Youth Magazine
May 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 5
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I Like Her, But She Thinks I'm a Nerd!
Mike Bennett  

How to stop doing stupid things to try to get someone's attention. "I can't stop thinking about her, but she doesn't even know I exist! (Or even worse, thinks I'm a nerd!)" We laugh at cartoon characters in this situation, like Charlie Brown with his crush all the little redheaded girl. But somehow it's not so funny when it happens to us. Have you ever done anything dumb trying to get the attention of someone you had a crush on? Like sending flowers every day to a girl you are too longue-tied to even talk to? And not signing your name? And then being so embarrassed you couldn't even look at her when you pass in the hall!

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Youth MagazineMay 1984Vol. IV No. 5