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What did the city of Nineveh do to prevent being destroyed?
The king declared a fast and they turned from their evil ways.

Jonah 3:6
Youth Magazine
June-July 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 6
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Marc Segall  

A peaceful, beautiful dive turned quickly into a nightmare. The blue Bahamian waters looked more inviting than ever. As we put on our scuba gear, my friend Mike and I talked excitedly about what awaited us underwater. We eagerly anticipated the coral formations of all shapes and colors, the dazzling array of fish and other sea creatures and, most of all, the exciting surprises that the deep always holds in store. We were full of confidence and felt ready to face the adventures that lay below our boat. After cleaning our masks and checking our regulators, we plunged into the calm, warm waters.

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Youth MagazineJune-July 1984Vol. IV No. 6