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A Teenager Is Challenged - Does God Exist?
Youth Magazine
August 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 7
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A Teenager Is Challenged - Does God Exist?
Clyde L Kilough  

I knew He existed, but I couldn't even convincingly explain why I knew. Now that's about the strangest question a minister has ever asked me, I thought. Here, was, a 19 year old who had grown up in the Church, and now when I approached a minister about an important, serious subject, he asked me the simplest of questions, " Do you believe God exists?" "Of course I do! "I answered, wondering why he would ask me something he knew I believed. "Why do you believe that?" he persisted. "Well... you know," I nervously replied, caught off guard. "You can't have life without a Lifegiver, creation means there had to be a Creator, matter hasn't always existed and all the other things that prove God exists."

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Youth MagazineAugust 1984Vol. IV No. 7