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Name the King who tried to stop Israel's progress by having them cursed.

Numbers 22:2
Never Say Never
Youth Magazine
October-November 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 9
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Never Say Never
Ronald S Toth  

You don't have to let discouragement or other people convince you that your goal can never be reached. You can do it! I can't do it! I'll never be able to - just leave me alone!" Maybe you just can't understand algebra, or maybe no matter how many times you swing the baseball bat, you just can't hit the ball. Are you convinced that you will never be able to do these things? If you can't do it, then you just can't, so you should give up. Right? No! Look at the example of one man who didn't let discouragement or other people convince him it couldn't be done. When Walt Disney, the legendary moviemaker and founder of Disneyland, first started out, he was always being told, "Your plans will never work - you're just a dreamer." He faced obstacle after obstacle, but he kept working and persevering.

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Youth MagazineOctober-November 1984Vol. IV No. 9