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How About a Career That Counts?
Youth Magazine
March 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 3
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How About a Career That Counts?
Albert M Baroody  

Luca Paciolo would be amazed! In 1494, the Italian monk wrote out the first organized rules of accounting. Today, no business, school or government can function properly without it. Accounting seems to be a secure career field nearly 500 years later! Accounting involves collecting, recording and classifying financial in formation. The accountant provides the information for managers to help them make business decisions. Accountants may have special jobs. Once, while working as a junior accountant, I had to help inventory an entire county courthouse building. Another time, while working in the payroll area of a university, I had to prepare and deliver a check for $90,000 to a supervisor in another building on campus. I tried to look as calm as possible and walk as fast as I could!

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Youth MagazineMarch 1985Vol. V No. 3