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Youth Magazine
Have You Heard the Latest?
Youth Magazine
March 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 3
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Have You Heard the Latest?
Colleen Dixon

You know about Gwen, don't you? Gwen's not all that bad. She really enjoys people. You hardly ever see Gwen without somebody around, talking with her. Hanging around Gwen has its advantages. It's fun chatting with her, and you get all the news first. You find out when Mr. Angerstrom decides to curve the test grades because the whole class did poorly. You know what the dance theme will be months before they announce it. You also find out that Jeff and Ann have broken up. But then one day you overhear Gwen telling someone else that you're hoping Jeff will ask you to go to the dance with him. That's supposed to be a deep, dark secret! If word gets around, things could get mighty awkward between you and Jeff. And if the other guys hear it! - well, that will reduce your chances of being asked to about minus 2.

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Youth MagazineMarch 1985Vol. V No. 3
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