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Who are we: Our maternal grandfather was an Eygptian priest. Mum's name was Asenath. We ultimately became the possessor of the birthright promises. We were supposed to teach the world God's way of life, but about all we did was to teach them cricket and baseball.
Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 41:45-50
Youth Magazine
By the Way... Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes
Youth Magazine
April 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 4
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By the Way... Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes

Will you be popular? Will you be rich? Will you have a happy marriage? What will happen to you tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Millions check their horoscopes daily to find out the answer to these and many other questions - all based on astrological readings. Astrology seems to hold a fascination for many of you teenagers, whether you actually believe in it or not. Surveys show that 93 percent of U.S. teenagers can identify the astrological sign under which they were born, while only 75 percent of adults can do the same. And, 30 percent of all teens read a horoscope column regularly in newspapers and magazines. Even among professing unbelievers, readership is 21 percent.

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Youth MagazineApril 1985Vol. V No. 4