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Who am I: I was expecting a great ceremony to be healed of my disease. Instead I was told to wash in the Jordan river seven times, which made me angry. Finally I listened to my servant and washed myself.

II Kings 5:1-19
When Your Friendship's on the Line
Youth Magazine
April 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 4
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When Your Friendship's on the Line
Cheryl Ebeling  

"Hey, Joey, I've got two tickets for the game! Want to go?" "You mean tomorrow, Steve'! I promised Kevin I'd help him clean out his dad's garage tomorrow!" "But, Joey, this is the big game! You can't mean you'd rather clean up a dirty, dusty garage than see a play-off game. Come on! Kevin won't mind." "Well, maybe you're right. But, I'll have to let you know later. Bye." Now what do I do? thought Joey. I promised Kevin I'd help him clean out the garage last weekend, but then I had to tell him I couldn't do it at the last minute.

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Youth MagazineApril 1985Vol. V No. 4