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Many of the Kings of Ireland, Scotland and England have been coronated over a stone which rests in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. What is the name of this stone?
Jacob's pillar stone or the Stone of Scone, or the Stone of Destiny.

Genesis 28:18
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Youth Magazine
January 1986
Volume: Vol. VI No. 1
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Colleen Dixon  

I Hope My Mother Doesn't Read This by Colleen Dixon - What a Car Costs by Lowell Wagner Jr - What Was Your Name Again? by Wilma Vernich - Proverbs for Today: The Well That Never Runs Dry by Jim Roberts: If my mother reads this, she'll think I'm the least qualified person in the world to write about neatness. It wasn't that my room was dirty. Just untidy. Well, OK, messy (just in case Mom is reading this). Having struggled with the problem for so long, though, I think I am qualified to write on neatness. I have discovered a natural law about ending clutter: Everything must have a place....

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1986Vol. VI No. 1