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Can Mankind Survive Nuclear Warfare? Can Mankind Survive Nuclear Warfare?
Herbert W Armstrong - November 28, 1983 - 83-11

Nuclear World War III, the unthinkable, will there even be the day after? Only Biblical prophecy can tell. On Sunday night, November the 20th 1983 one hundred million in the United States were shocked out of complacency by the television movie "The Day After". It has been talked about and discussed ...View Transcript

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Catastrophic Event Catastrophic Event
Herbert W Armstrong - November 17, 1983 - 83-10

Many have wondered where is the original true Church today. Where is the original true Church today? Now Jesus Christ had said when He was on earth; "I will build My Church" and He did build it, but He didn't say churches, He didn't say many different denominations everyone speaking something di ...View Transcript

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What is the History of the True Church? What is the History of the True Church?
Herbert W Armstrong - October 13, 1983 - 83-09

I speak as a voice crying out in the 20th Century wilderness of religious confusion showing what is soon coming on this world. The subject of Armageddon and the end of the world has been appearing in the public press more or less often in the last 25 years. The Disciples asked Jesus Christ for a sig ...View Transcript

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Why Can't We Achieve World Peace? Why Can't We Achieve World Peace?
Herbert W Armstrong - October 5, 1983 - 83-08

A staggering turn in world events is soon going to erupt that will astound the whole world. As a matter of fact, two absolutely unthinkable world events are going to occur in the approximate future.

   First, the unthinkable nuclear World War III that could wipe every man, woman, and child o ...View Transcript

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Does Entertainment Today Bring Happiness? Does Entertainment Today Bring Happiness?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 14, 1983 - 83-05

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion, then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance both young men and old together for I will turn their mourning into joy and make them rejoice in their sorrow. That is from Jeremiah 31 verses 12 through 13 describing the conditions that will be in ...

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Will the Saved Go To Heaven? Will the Saved Go To Heaven?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 12, 1983 - 83-07

Again I ask as I did in the last program in this series, what if Jesus Christ appeared on earth in the human flesh today and went on television worldwide? Do you know that you would be astonished at His gospel? Because He would preach the same gospel that He did before. His message would seem strang ...View Transcript

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Have You Heard the True Gospel? Have You Heard the True Gospel?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 7, 1983 - 83-06

Suppose Jesus Christ appeared today just as He did 1,955 years ago in the human flesh and went on television today worldwide, would you believe Him? You may think you would, but you wouldn't in all probability, you'd be astonished at His gospel even as they were 1,950 years ago because we read i ...View Transcript

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The Endless Search for Pleasure The Endless Search for Pleasure
Herbert W Armstrong - August 7, 1983 - 83-04

Let the children of Zion be joyful, so said the Psalms in the 149th Psalm and the second verse. The very name of this program is the World Tomorrow, it's message is that of Christ gospel, the true gospel to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God is merely the time when God's Kingdom will be r ...

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The Origin of Law The Origin of Law
Herbert W Armstrong - May 13, 1983 - SP-55

Is it possible that all churches and religion in the United States could be banished or regulated by the Federal Government as it was in the Soviet Union? A Wall Street Lawyer says in a National magazine that we could lose all religious freedom if the present government course continues. In that art ...View Transcript

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Manilla Special Manilla Special
Herbert W Armstrong - May 9, 1983 - SP-53

Why such high unemployment, why the sick economy? It's still very, very bad and has been all over the world. Why the violence all over the world especially in such localities as in Central America in El Salvador, in North Ireland, over in the Middle East, in Lebanon and in places like that? Why is ...View Transcript

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Thailand Special Thailand Special
Herbert W Armstrong - March 16, 1983 - SP-52

World troubles, violence and suffering are escalating toward the final climax at the end of this world. For example thousands of refugees have been pouring from Laos Cambodia and place between there and Vietnam over into Thailand. Now through the Ambassador Foundation and Ambassador College we have ...View Transcript

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Far East Special Far East Special
Herbert W Armstrong - March 7, 1983 - SP-51

Why are doors open to me for personal, close personal contacts with Heads of State all around the world? That is with Kings with Presidents, with Prime Ministers, Emperors and others high in office of national governments around the world. Now just recently I returned from another Far Eastern trip, ...View Transcript

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Are You Being Judged Now? Are You Being Judged Now?
Herbert W Armstrong - January 21, 1983 - 83-02

Did you ever wonder what has happened to your relatives and friends who have died? Do you know what Jesus Christ said about that? Most people don't know what these things are, but in John 5 verses 28 and 29 Jesus said; "... the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his ...View Transcript

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Athens Senior Rotary Club Message Athens Senior Rotary Club Message
Herbert W Armstrong - January 13, 1983 - SP-50

The whole world soon will be stunned by the announcement or the news of a new amalgamated nation appearing suddenly in Europe, possibly more powerful than either the Soviet Union or the United States. Now, recently I addressed the very prestigious Rotary Club of Athens, Greece, concerning this very ...View Transcript

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Why Does God Allow Human Suffering? Why Does God Allow Human Suffering?
Herbert W Armstrong - December 9, 1982 - 82-33

Major airplane crashes, devastating hurricanes, nuclear mass destruction of whole cities. Does God lack the power to prevent it? But what about all of these evils? The violence, the human suffering that humanity has been going through all of these years now comes a new school of religious thought ca ...View Transcript

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