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Who am I: I avenged my brother's murder. I needed a large comb to comb my hair. I used to hang around trees. I led a rebellion against my father David.

II Samuel 13-18

Worldwide News June 11, 1973 HeadlinesWorldwide News June 11, 1973 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

1,700 witness Mr. Portune in Edmonton - 1973 commencements culminate college careers for 273 seniors - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Outdoor learning potential explored in L.A. program - Mr. Albert Portune traces relationship with Ambassador - Houston ministers lease offices in experiment for more efficiency - Planning and good name guarantee paper for PT - Newsstands double output of the PT in Scandinavia - Man's attempts to solve disputes topic of World Court assembly - BIG SANDY GRADUATING SENIORS - The Official Grapevine - BRICKET WOOD GRADUATING SENIORS - Twin tornadoes rip through town, God's people miraculously spared - Campaigns televised through U.S. - Hawaiian hideaway lush setting for Feast - Newly appointed youth coordinator outlines teen-involvement plans.

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Publication Date: June 11, 1973