Worldwide News July 23, 1973 HeadlinesWorldwide News July 23, 1973 Headlines
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Mr. Armstrong views TV special, speaks to churches, reads letters - President Ephraim Katzir of Israel tours excavation site in Jerusalem - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Answers to questions regarding the News - Intervention averts imminent death for 'the miracle baby' and mother - Youth coordinator comes to S.E.P., exchanges ideas with campers - Nearly 2,000 keep unique Feast at three Philippine Island spots - Feast held at scenic sites Down Under - More than meets viewer's eye involved in production of prime-time TV specials - Puns portray evangelists - The Official Grapevine - Booth City: before and after - A look at a week in the life of a minister - Worldwide church areas report activities - Small but rapidly spreading Work encourages young Rhodesian office.

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Publication Date: July 23, 1973