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When Israel crossed the Jordan who first had to step into the water?
The priests.

Joshua 3:15

Worldwide News October 01, 1973 HeadlinesWorldwide News October 01, 1973 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Record crowds View campaigns in Minneapolis - Lebanon hosts Mr. Armstrong for week-long visit and talks - The Official Grapevine - Local church news wrap-up - Office manager lay s myth to rest, Filipinos not living in Stone Age - Members prepare socials for Feast in Philippines - Broadcast alarmed Mr. Smith until he sought new standards - Balanced exercise program provides activities for youth - Two Manila office staff members visit conference about population - Display booth offers literature at state fair - Visiting dignitary explains Jordan's role in Mideast - German Plain Truth drive uses readers'-circle system.

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Publication Date: October 01, 1973