Worldwide News November 12, 1973 HeadlinesWorldwide News November 12, 1973 Headlines
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Mr. Armstrong holds special forum, hosts faculty dinner in Texas visit - Ministerial magazine slated - A Personal Letter from Herbert W Armstrong - The Official Grapevine - French store to offer PT - Five members added since tours - Evangelist attended Ambassador to prove that he did not belong - Inmate writes open letter to Church - Mideast war drama unfolds before member, first 48 hours of war-zone action recounted - Close calls mark hectic evacuations - Canadian brethren reached - Near disasters threaten sites, but Filipinos spared at Feast - Dr. Hoeh in South Pacific for Feast, tells of special two-week experience - Chattanooga man is living miracle after 60-foot fall to concrete - Where would we be if we went by Ten Demandments? - Member waits 14 years for baptism, patience has become way of life - An evening with Mr. Herbert Armstrong - Long-time pillars In God's Church leaving Mount Pocono Feast site.

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Publication Date: November 12, 1973