Worldwide News November 26, 1973 HeadlinesWorldwide News November 26, 1973 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Mr. Antion, Mr. McMichael hold Tulsa and Indianapolis campaigns - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Big Sandy offers classes next summer - The Official Grapevine - Sharps, Flatts part company, Mr. Flatt heads for Northwest - Pasadena's grounds masterpiece of design - Successful Dallas landscaping duo proves members can work together - 'Get up and walk,' Stephanie told - Dexter Faulkner; Our man in Washington - Pakistan regains confidence with Ali Bhutto's leadership - New look of Plain Truth improves graphic quality - European crime booklet catches eye of policemen - Trip to Finland produces paper, presses roll in spite of shortage - Local church news wrap-up - Alaskan Feast like horn of plenty - Ordained Ministers of the Worldwide Church of God - Ambassador television commercial receives bronze award at banquet.

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Publication Date: November 26, 1973