Worldwide News July 22, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News July 22, 1974 Headlines
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Visit with Jordan's King Hussein highlights latest Middle East trip - Interest, attendance grow in Manila follow-up studies - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Key administrators explain budget cuts - Money supply is the key factor in rising demand, rising costs - Campaign speakers, emcees discuss goals and purposes during seminar - Philippine president's mother leads life of fulfillment - New academic programs prime Pasadena curriculum - Auckland office transfers location, new site practical and less costly - Called and converted at 83, woman tells of 98-year life - Press employee pulls bluff, passes as store manager - Scamp proves to be champ in rescue - Ex-housemother turns artist, learns joy of a creative hobby - U.S. CHURCH AREAS, PASTORS AND ATTENDANCE - He finds the Fountain of Youth despite rough road along the way - High-school graduate wins $750 college scholarship - Australian office rents computer - Local church news wrap-up.

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Publication Date: July 22, 1974