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Who am I: I lived in Bethany. I had two sisters. I died from an illness and was dead for four days. Jesus Christ brought me back to life.

John 11

Worldwide News August 19, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News August 19, 1974 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff  

Ambassador opens its doors to record freshman class - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Mr. Armstrong begins Latin tour after meeting with Egypt's Sadat - Nixon resignation marks end of era - Key personnel in the Work view President's resignation - Coping with inflation - Europeans hurt by inflation, lifelong dreams destroyed - A behind-the-scenes look at a campaign - German government honors photographer after 25 years - Manila director addresses seminar - Barbie finds adventure at farm - Members' communication program pays off for Ozarks Festival site - Evangelist turns on, tunes in and talks - Philippine tax ruling to help members - Healthy soil organisms help control bacteria that cause cattle disease - Local church news wrap-up - Member feels pinch of gas shortage - Doctors consider amputation, amazed as man's arm heals - Diseased child overcomes handicap, becomes a leading fitness trainer - East-West politics blocks Church romance - The Official Grapevine.

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