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After the reign of what King, did the kingdom of Israel become divided.

I Kings 12:20

Worldwide News January 20, 1975 HeadlinesWorldwide News January 20, 1975 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Rubinstein lauded in Auditorium appearance - Both Ambassador campuses admit January students - Senior pastors meet in Texas - Krueger official explains benefits to employees of Ambassador press - Faculty positions open on Big Sandy campus - Overflow crowds hear campaign in Buffalo - System will allow broadcast to become more current - Craftiness aids British campaigns - All in the family: Brothers ordained - APT to teach: Field ministers take sabbatical for further training - Cassette program aids entire ministry - Seminar combines 400 years' experience - Israeli minister link to Rubinstein - Local church news wrap-up - Economic woes don't stop Dutch Work - Fair booths draw 17,000 lit requests - The Official Grapevine - 'PT' CHANGEOVER NEARS COMPLETION.

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Publication Date: January 20, 1975