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Genesis 25:27-34

Worldwide News June 23, 1975 HeadlinesWorldwide News June 23, 1975 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Mr. Armstrong promotes AICF in Japan following Kenya trip - SEP kicks off its 13th summer - Pastors conduct public Bible lectures - Dig begins in Jerusalem - 'PT' editors visit East Europe capitals - Daughter of member wins events in Special Olympics - Transfers fill some U.S. sites; many Feast applications still out - Will the U.S. really be 200? - Hotel to be site of Norwegian Feast - 'Disney on Parade' director joins Ambassador faculty - Put a lid on prices: Can inflation - TIM'S CHANGE OF HEART - Mr. Armstrong promotes AICF in Japan - SEP opening - Two brothers break records for university's swim team - Weight trainer overcomes ailment - Member host of TV show - Local church news wrap-up - State's churches number 11 with two new additions - The Official Grapevine.

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Publication Date: June 23, 1975