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How did Samson use his strength for the last time?
He pushed down the pillars of the Philistine temple.

Judges 16:29-30

Worldwide News November 10, 1975 HeadlinesWorldwide News November 10, 1975 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Herbert Armstrong prepares for appearance in Jamaica - L.A. mayor commends AICF's contributions - Interviews 'capstone' of series - 72 members evacuated in Philippine uprising - MARSHA'S THANKSGIVING - Ohio hikers don backpacks for trek in Maine wilderness - Members rebuild fire-fighting force - Face to face with Southeast Asians - A Bidayuh bungalow: 150 jungle apartments - Face to face with Southeast Asians - Exotic Asian edible: durable durian dining - News for Teens YOU - No one is left out - Local church news wrap-up - 'WN' readers say: 'Hang in there, baby' - Rocky Mountains high, hunting low - The Official Grapevine.

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Publication Date: November 10, 1975