Worldwide News November 24, 1975 HeadlinesWorldwide News November 24, 1975 Headlines
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Mr. Armstrong holds Jamaican campaign - New Orleans, Atlanta campaign sites - Canadian mail strike forces temporary cuts - Panovs at Auditorium - Ambassador, Texas, plans summer session - French Work holds studies in Canada - The first grader who reads 'Josephus' - What you say is what you got - 'Moose' gets family's goose - Cerebral palsy made her unwanted - THE WILSONS GIVE THANKS - Family teaches' aborigines English in Australian outback - Printer rediscovers wood engraving - He beelieves in hobby - Georgia via Venezuela: 'What a trip' - Sacrifice doubles salary - News for Teens YOU - Seven Floridians: canyon fodder - 86-year-old Church member healed of many maladies - Local church news wrap-up - Ambassador featured in trade magazine - Defaults of New York City well known - The Official Grapevine.

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Publication Date: November 24, 1975