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Which of Joseph's brothers was served five times as much as his brothers at the banquet in Egypt?

Genesis 43:34

Worldwide News December 06, 1976 HeadlinesWorldwide News December 06, 1976 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Mr. Armstrong readies for trip; ankle better - 'Plain Truth' beefed up; 'GN' to be discontinued - Teen picks up prize for a song - Talks held with Prime Minister Ian Smith - Jose Iturbi: bullheaded, but disciplined - Painting helps unwind - Family museum holds years of memories - Ginger growers strive to improve operations - Making teddy bears is no picnic - Minister builds boat - Youth okay after 80-foot ravine fall - Tommy's Decision - Prize goes for a song - Local church news wrap-up - Firm offers made for Bricket Wood.

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